Help Fight Kidney Stones Naturally

One tenth of all Canadians will probably develop a kidney stone at some time in their lives. They affect men more frequently than women and happen mostly in middle age. They can be an incredibly painful condition.

The pain often starts beneath the ribs and spreads to the lower abdomen. It can last for a few minutes or several hours.

The cause is crystals in the urine and can be influenced by factors such as not drinking enough water, a urinary tract blockage or infection, an overdose of vitamins C or D, obesity and a diet high in salt.

People living in hot climates are more likely to get them than those living in colder climes.

However, they may be prevented or helped by taking certain precautions;



One of the main causes of kidney stones is also one of the more preventable – drinking more water.

Drink twelve glasses a day to help prevent or treat kidney stones.



We know it may not taste great, but once you’ve experienced the pain of a kidney stone, then you might be more prepared to give it a try!

Dandelions can help with ridding the body of kidney stones by getting you to pee more often.

We would recommend three to four cups of tea or juice a day to see an improvement.



If you are overweight, then shedding a few pounds could help rid you of this painful condition. Or better still, stop it from ever occurring!



Foods which are fibre rich and lower in salt and sugar can help lower your risk of kidney stones or their effects.



Pomegranates contain antioxidants and are astringent. This can help a kidney stone you already have or stop them from developing.

The juice in a pomegranate has properties which reduces the acids in urine. This is instrumental in the development of a kidney stone.



Lemon juice can break down the calcium deposits in the body and inhibit them growing further.

Try two glasses before eating in the morning and another before dinner time. It could help with some of the smaller stones.

However, a lot of commercially available lemon juice contains more sugar than it does lemon juice – try squeezing your own directly from the fruit to be sure of the content!

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